July 22

60ffb012-ccf7-45a9-88b4-92e40300f3b3.jpgMy Padres began their long winning streak last night with an exciting 6-4 win over the Reds.

The season has been a huge disappointment, but there have been some good performances:

  • Edgar Gonzalez has finally gotten his chance and has made the utmost of it.  He is red hot now pushing his average to .321 and making a very strong case to be the incumbant 2nd baseman in 2009.
  • The other Gonzalez, Adrian, has had a terrific year at both the plate and at 1st base.  He has put himself in the upper tier of all-around players in the NL.
  • Brian Giles is my current hero.  He proved to everyone that he indeed is the team leader in St. Louis on Saturday when he made a great catch before running into the wall in the RF corner at full speed.  He risked his future career to try and catch a fly ball during the most difficult season My Pads have had in awhile.  I hope he is with us in 2009. 
  • The only hitter hotter than E-Gon is Scott Hairston who hit yet another HR last night.  He keeps pulling even outside pitches, but the results of late have been spectacular.


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